Instructions for students

The 2022 Bebras India Computational Thinking Challenge was conducted in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Odia, Tamil and Telugu  and is conducted free.

The results for 2022 Bebras India Computational Thinking Challenge have been declared and  are available online and the schools will have received emails with the instructions for the students and also download the certificates. Students can login using the username and passwd they had used for the challenge and see the scores and national rank. 

National Rank holder #1 is listed on the Hall of Fame page.

Instructions for teachers

How does the scoring system work?

Bebras challenge is conducted in five groups, online/offline under the supervision of the teachers: 

Group                              Ages                                    Standards                     Tasks

Aryabhata                       8-10 years                          Std III-IV                           15

Brahmagupta               10-12 years                          Std V-VI                            15

Bhaskara                       12-14 years                          Std VII-VIII                       15

Mahavira                       14-16 years                          Std IX-X                            15

Ramanujam                  16-18 years                          Std XI-XII                          15

Each task is sorted in a category based on the difficulty levels: A, B or C. Students start with some points and could gain or lose points as follows: 

Difficulty                        Correct Answer     Incorrect Answer        Unanswered

A category questions  +6 points                      0 points                  0 points

B category questions  +9 points                     -2 points                  0 points

C category questions   +12 points                  -4 points                  0 points