Mr. Narayan Acharya, Sarswati Vidya Mandir, Pune, Maharashtra: (Urban school: Marathi language)

Our school, Sarswati Vidyalay is a school run for underprivileged students in Dahanukar colony and nearby area. We try to provide best available opportunities to our students to make them able to face challenges in life and to lead better future.

Our students appeared for Bebras challenge (in Marathi) for the first time. They enjoyed the challenge very much as it was without any burden like any other competitive exams. Solving the challenge they come to know how we have to think step by step to solve given task. Bebras challenge will help them to improve their logical thinking and problem solving skills.

My teachers and students are very happy to get such international platform. This time we could manage only 250 students to participate but next year we will try to conduct this competition for all the students of our school.

Surekha Nikumbh, Zilla Parishad school, Gundalwadi, Khed, Maharashtra (Rural government school, Marathi language)

नोव्हेंबर 2019 मध्ये झालेल्या Bebras challenge या परीक्षेसाठी एकूण 26 मुले बसवली होती.पैकीे चार विद्यार्थी national ला दुस-या rank मध्ये आलेत. त्याबद्दल त्यांचे मनापासून अभिनंदन . तसेच ही संधी ज्यांनी ग्रामीण भागातील मुलांसाठी उपलब्ध करुन दिली, संपूर्ण टिम. तसेच आपणा सर्वाचे मार्गदर्शक खेड तालुक्याचे गटशिक्षिणाधिकारी, वाडा बीटचे शिक्षण विस्तार अधिकारी, आपणा सर्वाचे मनापासून आभार.

या परीक्षेसाठी आमच्याकडे इंटरनेटची सुविधा उपलब्ध नसल्याने .आम्ही offline हा पर्याय निवडला.आम्हाला प्रश्नपञिका उपलब्ध करुन दिल्या ,अगदी राञी जागरण करुन आणि सकाळी लवकर उठून देखील. आमच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना खूप उत्सुकता होती , कशा पद्धतीचे प्रश्न असतील त्याची. जेव्हा प्रत्यक्ष परीक्षा चालू झाली तेव्हा मुलांना खूप आनंद झाला. पुन्हा एकदा सर्वाचे मनापासून आभार.

Abha Telang, Principal, Deccan Education Society English Medium School, Shirur , Maharashtra: (Rural school: English language)

This year (2019) I took charge as the headmistress of Deccan Education Society, English Medium Shirur. Bebras Challenge about computational thinking was a totally new concept for the teachers and the students. The teachers were a little hesitant and wary to implement it . Also as we took for offline exam due to non connectivity of internet. It was really challenging for the students.

The results are very encouraging for us as 3 our children from Aryabhata group have ranked Best at national level. 13 children out of 39 scored above 100 marks.

It was really a very new experience for our students. Thanks to the CSpathshala team

This will surely boost the confidence and next year maximum no of children shall participate as this is an opportunity for the rural children to show up at National level.

Santosh Hande, Zilla Parishad school, Khed, Maharashtra (Rural government school, Marathi language)

We had selected 10 bright students for the challenge. The challenge was very nice, wish we have administered the challenge to all the students. Thank you CSpathshala! The joy experienced by students after giving an international challenge was something to be seen!

Mrudula Athale, Vikhe Patil school, Pune, Maharashtra: English language

Our all students are taking the challenge but very surprising and happy realization is that some students who never complete any subject work or are very, very casual about studies were also giving test with full concentration and gave the feedback that the test was very interesting.

Srividya Subramanium, Cochin Refineries school, Kochi, Kerala: English

Kids are super excited sir! Even the hyper active and distracted ones are meticulously sitting with concentration. Now they are asking…When is the next test! Even though it is really hectic to have 250+ students doing the test in school within a week, the happiness and satisfaction on their faces drives our spirit and encourages us to do more.

Ahlada Sudersan, Ekya Schools, Bangalore, Karnataka: English

Complex, tricky logical reasoning questions,great problem solving exercise, challenging and hard fun experience,questions put mind to work and strengthens thinking capacity. Required out of box thinking. Time limit made the test even more challenging,interesting and cool experience. Made one recollect all previously learnt concepts. Unique title for each question makes it interesting. Unique experience. Each question had to be analysed thoroughly.

Madhurima, DPS Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal: English

Congratulations for reaching out to so many schools and changing the mindset and methodology of teaching computer science in schools. Bebras Challenge was an excellent initiative to test aptitude, logical thinking and reasoning. My students have enjoyed it thoroughly. Each one of them have shown a lot of interest to solve the puzzles and I really saw them trying…Well,Bebras was the talk of school last week.