Exciting Football Game: Solution

Answer: D) 3-3


Because teams alternated scoring, the scores would go from 0-0 to 0-1 (or 1-0), to 1-1, to 2-1 (or 1-2), to 2-2, etc. The difference in goals is always 1 or 0. Since an even number of goals was scored, the final score must have been 3-3.

It’s Computational Thinking:

CT Skills - Algorithmic Thinking, Patterns, Evaluation

CS Domain - Systematic Listing, Counting & Reasoning

The main idea behind the question is logical reasoning (ordering) which is important when producing solutions for some problems. Systematic examination of all possible changes in the score shows that there is only one possible outcome.

The condition of "exciting game" in which no team ever scored twice in a row implies that two teams scored alternatively and the game was as balanced as possible.